Launch Content Creator Campaigns on Your Own Terms

Launch and oversee your own marketing campaigns, either paid or barter, with verified influencers. Effortless onboarding, progress tracking, payment handling, and comprehensive reporting. Customize your budget and criteria for targeted audience engagement through genuine word-of-mouth promotion.

How It Works

Sign Up

Create self service campaigns through our portal, or get assisted onboarding where we get the details and create campaigns for your brand.

Flexible Fees

Custom campaigns with your requirements, budget, audience details. No hidden fees. You pay for who you hire, and payments go through after completion only.

Publish & Grow

Once your campaign is live on the platform, be fully notified on the progress of it. See who's being enrolled, and watch the content start rolling in with all the reports.

Get in touch with us now

15 Minute Initial Discovery Call. Discover how Following can positively impact your business' influencer marketing experience.

Create and Define Your Campaigns

Enjoy the freedom to simply login to our platform and create custom campaigns, set budgets, and requirements specific to your business

No Fakes Allowed. Verified Influencers Only.

Our influencers are verified when onboarded, direct integrations with Meta, Tiktok, & Snapchat allow us to constant update their 'score' based on KPIs

Your Audience. Best Defined by You.

No one can understand your target audience better than you. Enter precise requirements upon campaign creation, and open your campaigns to influencers fit to your brand.

Pay Online. Upon Completion.

Pay for your influencer campaigns through our platform with ease, no minimum costs. Pay only when campaigns are completed. No hefty agency fees for hiring influencers anymore.

Unlock The Power of Nano-Influencers

76% of influencers in UAE are nano-influencers (<20k followers). Our platform is the easiest way to discover and enroll nano-influencers for your marketing campaigns.

Detailed Analytics and Reports

Our dashboard displays 'in progress' and 'after-post' reports that show the reach, audience data, location, uptime, along with many metrics.

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